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Chaffhaye Sponsorship

We are so thrilled to announce a sponsorship award by Chaffhaye to help feed our diverse herd with premium feed.


Jeff Morewood a Guest on Richard Eeds Radio Program

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The Richard Eeds Show is a popular local events and news program hosted by the well respected Richard Eeds and promoted on On December 28, 2021, Jeff was a guest on the program to talk about the ranch, the mission and why the harmony here just works. We are proud of Jeff for helping tell our story and bring a little happiness to the listening audience.

Masleña Featured in Albuquerque Journal

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Jeffery Morewood and Tori Ashley are caretakers for the mixed herd of animals at Masleña Rescue Foundation, an animal rescue ranch in Tijeras. (Photo credit: Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)


Albuquerque Journal: Peace and Harmony

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“It’s an interesting setup, having multiple species living together,” said Alexanda Eckhoff, field veterinarian for the New Mexico Livestock Board. “It would be great if humans could get along so well.”

Eckhoff was at Masleña earlier this month, inspecting the sanctuary to see if it qualifies to be certified as an official state equine rescue facility.

A Filly Named WINTER – aiding in recovery

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Winter is a beautiful painted mare that came to Masleña Rescue Foundation several years ago. She wasn’t donated, but the result of Jeff’s direct intervention. Winter, blinded in one eye, was destined for the Mexican rodeo to be used as entertainment. Her disability made her “disposable” and an ideal candidate for abusive forms of tripping, roping and other rodeo activities that have been outlawed in other countries. When Jeff saw her he decided to immediately intervene and bring her to the sanctuary.