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Barney’s Story: Promises Kept


Years ago, Tori was looking for a companion horse for Diesel. Naturally, she turned to Walkin N Circles Ranch ( to adopt a companion. It was there that Tori met and fell in love with Barney, an all-white hinny yearling with a spunky personality.

“There was an immediate connection that I just can’t quite explain,” Tori said. “I did not know what a hinny was at the time, or what different kinds of care and training Barney might need.”

Despite these obstacles, “I told him right then and there I would be back for him and meant it.” 

Tori set out to keep her promise and learn all that she could while working with Diesel and other equines. In the meantime, she acquired Mistletoe, a two year old with neurological problems. Sadly, within six months she passed away. After Mistletoe’s death, Tori returned to Walkin N Circles six years after initially meeting Barney. Amazingly, Barney was still there! Tori took him home after completing the requirements of Walkin N Circles. “I just couldn’t believe it! I had given up hope and thought maybe someone had seen in him what I saw,” she recalled. ”I thought he was long gone, that I had missed my chance.” 

When she saw Barney again after many years, nothing had changed. Barney still greeted her loudly and remembered her. Tori was finally able to make good on her promise.

The two quickly made their way back to Maslena Rescue Foundation. Today, Barney is a happy member of the larger herd in his forever home with a devoted, loving caregiver in Tori.

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  1. Hi. I’ve been a volunteer @ WNCR.since 2011. Read about your sanctuary & would love to visit. I believe we know Barney.. aka Zero?

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