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Albuquerque Journal: Peace and Harmony

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“The most remarkable thing about the sanctuary is that, for the most part, animals of all species mingle freely and amicably with each other. Animals are segregated in a corral only when they are new to Masleña and need time to acclimate to their surroundings, when they are ill, or when they are displaying some behavioral issues.

“But, at feeding time, when Morewood rolls into the big pasture on a tractor to start pulling out hay, horses, cows, steers, bulls, llamas, alpacas and donkeys amble out together to share lunch, some of them emerging from the shade of nearby Ponderosa pine, piñon, juniper and Gambel oak.

“Cole the goat is there, too, but more for the ride on the tractor than the food.”

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Peace and Harmony

Masleña Rescue Foundation was recently featured in the Albuquerque Journal as one of the few diverse sanctuaries in the state and the only one to offer unconfined harmony of free roaming animals.

We were honored by their coverage and delighted in their write-up. Would you agree with their first impressions?

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